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Is Air Con Necessary in UK Homes?

Our summers are definitely getting warmer

Our summers are definitely getting warmer and the overall climate in the UK is changing. The record-breaking temperatures we experienced in 2022 led many experts to say that the way we insulate and cool our homes has to radically alter if we’re to deal with unpredictable weather patterns in the next few decades. Is air con really necessary in UK homes? We think so, and we’re going to explain why.

Air conditioning makes your immediate environment more comfortable

Who wants to be stuck in the middle of a boiling hot house for days and nights on end during a heatwave, with no real way of cooling off apart from a fan?

Installing air conditioning allows you to create an immediately cool and comfortable environment at home, even during the long days of a heatwave when there’s wall-to-wall sunshine and high temperatures at night.

Think about how comfortable you feel driving around in a car with air-con on a hot day. It’s the same for your home too. It can help with your physical and mental health too – meaning you feel cooler, and fresher and can sleep better at night. Curious to know more, click here and find out about everything Sub Cool FM has to offer.

It can raise the value of your home

Here in the UK, more people are investing in air conditioning and thinking in terms of how it will increase the value of their homes when they resell. With temperatures on the increase, air conditioning is becoming something that is more sought after by buyers. It’ll increase your home’s curb appeal and it offers something unique from everyone else, especially if you live in one of the more hotter/humid areas of the country, like the south of England.

Air con isn’t bad for the environment

There have in the past been legitimate concerns about how air con can negatively impact the environment, but the great news is that over the last few years, there have been some superb leaps and bounds in the way units are manufactured.

With advancements in compressor and refrigerant technology, not to mention smart features like variable fans, thermostats with timers, and self-diagnostic capabilities – modern air conditioners are much more energy-efficient than they used to be.

They now use less energy to operate and when it comes to operating costs, they save energy and this reduces their impact on the environment too. A win-win that keeps you cool and fresh!

Air con can be used to heat your home as well

The weather can also be inclement, which means that we also need to rely on heating. However, did you know what many modern air conditioning units offer both the facility to cool and heat? This means you’ve got a flexible solution to a year-round issue: The Great British Weather!

Whether it’s a chilly winter or a sweltering summer, you can maintain the perfect temperature with ease when you choose air conditioning from Sub Cool FM for your home. If you have any questions about picking the right unit, we’d be happy to chat to you.

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