Top 10 richest forex traders in the world

Remainder of international business is known as forex trading or foreign exchange trading and this is an appealing business that many people invest in all over the world. Nonetheless, it has become even more challenging for the majority to achieve consistent profitability no matter how much effort and prolonged investment they are willing to put into winning the game. Under this topic, let us be privileged to learn some details about the main 10 richest active forex traders.

  1. George Soros

Net Worth: $8.6 Billion

To arrive at this place, let us take a look at the man regarded as the best forex trader in the world, George Soros. He is known in the financial market for the Black Wednesday when he made £1 billion profit by speculating against pound sterling that led to Britain exiting the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. The main source of ideas in the Soros world is primarily based on the principles of seeking out deficiencies and then capitalizing on them. The Quantum Fund, overseen by him and employing a macroeconomic approach, has reaped lofty profits in the decades.

  1. Paul Tudor Jones

Net Worth: $7.3 Billion

It is also worth mentioning the other person in the list of the forex trading legends and this person is Paul Tudor Jones. Tudor Investment Corporation, the firm that he started, is one of the most popular asset management firms. Despite the high risks, Jones trades vigorously and is very good at identifying the right time to enter or exit in a particular trade. His biggest success was the prediction of the crash of 1987 and its prowess.

  1. Stanley Druckenmiller

Net Worth: $5.6 Billion

George Soros, who worked with Stanley Druckenmiller in partnership at the Quantum Fund, was extremely successful at forex trading. Druckenmiller invested such funds using a top down approach to invest and gained consistently high returns from the mid 1980s to the mid 2002. In his trading style, the consideration of underlying macroeconomic factors plays a key role.

  1. Bill Lipschutz

Net Worth: $2 Billion

Bill Lipschutz colloquially known as the “Sultan of Currencies” executed a forex trading career in the 1980’ till now. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lipschutz received formal education in architecture and finance, which paved the way to trading a small inheritance, and amassing millions. He is endowed with competency in handling big positions as well as he manages risk well.

  1. Andrew Krieger

Net Worth: $1 Billion

Another successful trader who elevated his wealth and made headlines was Andrew Krieger who in the year 1987 made a daredevil trade against New Zealand dollar or NZD. This is because he exhibited aggressive short-selling especially with the onset of a market panic, which contributed to large profits. Krieger’s strategy is based on the foundations of extensive research and aggressive advancement, which gives him a well-earned place among the most successful trading figures in forex history.

  1. Michael Marcus

Net Worth: $1 Billion

Michael Marcus is a reputed business personality who was successful in trading and turned $30,000 to $80 million in 2 decades. He initially began trading commodities, while later widening his field by trading on forex markets. Marcus isolated himself into a complete analysis, exercising control over his emotions, and gained knowledge from master traders like Ed Seykota.

  1. Bruce Kovner

Net Worth: $5.3 Billion

Bruce Kovner began trading after the, and it was not until late 1970s when he was able to establish himself dealing in currencies and commodities. He started a company by the name Caxton Associates and it grew to be one of the biggest hedge funds around the world. Kovner trades are primarily based on basic analysis complemented with some technical trading techniques.

  1. Joe Lewis

Net Worth: $5 Billion

He is a British billionaire with most of his wealth from speculation in foreign exchange. Said succeeded in earning a lot of wealth in the 1992 Black Wednesday, similar to Soros. In a bid to invest in world stock markets, Lewis takes relatively big risks since he possesses vast knowledge in the international markets.

  1. Richard Dennis

Net Worth: $300 Million

As noted earlier, turret trading was carried out by Richard Dennis who is considered a highly animated trade personality due to his turtle trading experiment. Despite his and his students’ success, his trading strategy did not result in the decline in demand for his services, as is common for other trading educators. Employing the concepts as laid down by Dennis, his methods have greatly shaped the forex trading strategies.

  1. Axel Merk

Net Worth: $400 Million

Axel Merk is a forex trader who has Merk Investments as his company and he also as the president. Recognized for concentrating in the currency fluctuations as investment, Merk has implemented a very untypical approach in his investment activities. He deploys his background in macroeconomic trends and monetary policy in the trading arena.

Key Strategies of Successful Forex Traders

  1. Risk Management

In the given case, the application of risk management is highlighted by all the traders as most crucial. Hedge funds closely manage the exposure of the sizes of the trades it undertakes and the available capital capital to absorb fluctuations in the marketplace.

  1. Understanding Macroeconomics

It must also be emphasized that many forex traders are most successful when they are equipped with comprehensive knowledge about macroeconomic trends and financial systems. This knowledge enables them to succeed financially since they are in a position to know the direction that the market is likely to take, and thus engage in profitable transactions.

  1. Discipline and Emotional Control

In trading, traders exert much energy and might even feel stressed but the best traders nevertheless stick to their disciplines Including control of emotions. It also assists investors in staying with their plans, preventing her or him from making decisions which can endanger him/her greatly.

  1. Continuous Learning

Fx trading has various events in its market, and it is crucial that the trader update his knowledge in the market in relation to his strategies used while trading. They keep abreast with the happenings around the world, monetary policies and even world markets.


It is not a transformation from an average trader to a millionaire without trials, uncertainties, risks, sweat, efforts, and hard work that any trader needs to strive for in the current volatile financial world. The listed traders have not only made great success but also modeled for the upcoming traders across the globe. Examining their practices and keeping in mind fundamental guidelines is likely to increase one’s prospects of success in such a rich context of forex trading.


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