5 Ways to Travel the World Without Leaving Home

Love travelling but don’t have quite as many opportunities to spread your wings as you’d like? We’ve all been there. Though we might wish to spend our days moving from one glamorous destination to the next, the small matter of “the real world” often prevents us from doing so.

Thankfully in this day and age there are a host of ways to get your travel fix right from the comfort of your own home. If you’re eager to see the world but can’t hit the airport just yet try the following ideas — we’re not saying they’re just as memorable as a grand adventure but they’re a more than adequate substitute.

International Cuisine Evenings

Sampling those exotic international dishes is reason enough to pack a bag and fly off to a far-flung destination especially if you’re from the UK. Our food might not be as bland as its international reputation suggests but no one would argue that it’s as flavourful as Mexico City’s street food.

Not that you need to travel overseas to try international cuisine. You can’t bring another country’s sunshine to your home but you can bring its dishes. Find an international food store load up on all you need to make a quality meal and turn your kitchen into a foreign land for the evening. Extra points if you play your chosen country’s music while you cook.

Games: Travel Through Time and Space

Online games don’t only allow you to explore different countries they also offer the opportunity to experience long-lost cultures that you’d otherwise need a time machine to visit. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood for instance transports players back to 16th-century Rome while gamers looking for a more modern trip will find much to enjoy about L.A. Noire which takes place in 1940s L.A. Some of the world’s most popular online slots are based on historic cultures too; Legacy of Dead takes players on a journey through Ancient Egypt, while Midas Golden Touch takes place in the ancient kingdom of Phrygia. Historical games offer adventurers the chance to have the types of experiences that only the bravest of souls would dare pursue in real life.

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Virtually Explore the World’s Best Art Galleries and Museums

Few things can match the feeling of swanning through an internationally-acclaimed art gallery or museum as you soak up all the world-class treasures on display. If you’re unable to hit the road anytime soon then look at reinforcing your culture vulture credentials by e-visiting art galleries and museums around the world.

The majority of the world’s biggest institutions have made their collections available online allowing web users to browse with just a few taps of the screen. Some art galleries and museums with online options include:

  • The National Gallery, London
  • The Louvre, Paris
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
  • British Museum, London
  • National Football Museum, Manchester
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

These experiences won’t replicate the thrill of seeing your favourite works of art in the flesh but it’s still a novel — and valuable — way to spend an evening at home. Plus, unless you live in a crowded house share, there’ll be no annoying crowds to contend with. 

Travel Movies and Documentaries

There are some outstanding travel-themed movies and documentaries out there, and many of them present an opportunity to see things that you’re unlikely to see in the flesh even if you can travel. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever get to visit Antarctica (unless you’re very lucky!), but you can get a glimpse of what it’d be like to spend time there by watching Werner Herzog’s Encounters at the End of the World. Looking for some inspiration to set off on an adventure? Try The Secret Life of Walter Mitty or Into The Wild.

Learn a Second Language

Learning a foreign language isn’t just fun, cool, and impressive — it’ll also open up a world of possibilities for when you do hit the road again. As they say, if you can speak the local language, then you visit the country twice. Plus, in this day and age, there are plenty of online language learning tools that’ll have you speaking the language in no time. 

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