Effortless Screen Recording Made Simple

ITop Screen Recorder is a game-changer screen recorder for anyone needing a reliable screen recording solution. Its intuitive interface and powerful features make capturing your screen activities a breeze. Whether you’re a professional needing to record tutorials or a student wanting to preserve online lectures iTop has you covered.

What sets iTop apart is its simplicity

Within minutes of installation I was recording my screen effortlessly. The user-friendly interface guides you through every step from selecting recording area to adjusting audio settings. It’s ideal for the two fledglings and high level clients the same.

One standout feature is its ability to record Zoom meetings seamlessly. With just a few clicks you can capture every moment of your virtual meetings with crystal-clear quality. Whether you’re hosting or attending, iTop ensures you never miss a beat.

Another aspect worth mentioning is its versatility. Whether you’re recording gameplay, creating tutorials, or capturing webinars iTop delivers exceptional results every time. It offers a range of editing tools to enhance your recordings before sharing them with the world.

Recording a Zoom meeting using iTop Screen Recorder is a straightforward process: how to record Zoom meeting.

  1. Launch iTop Screen Recorder: Open the iTop Screen Recorder application on your device.
  1. Select Recording Mode: Choose the recording mode that suits your needs. You can opt for “Full Screen” to capture the entire meeting window or “Custom” to select a specific area of the screen.
  1. Adjust Settings: Before starting the recording adjust the settings according to your preferences. Ensure that the audio source is set to capture both system sound and microphone if you want to record both the meeting audio and your voice.
  1. Start Zoom Meeting: Launch the Zoom meeting that you want to record. 
  2. Start Recording: Once the meeting has started and you’re ready to begin recording click on the Record button in iTop Screen Recorder. The recording will start immediately capturing everything that appears on your screen including the Zoom meeting.
  1. Pause or Stop Recording: If needed you can pause or stop the recording at any time by clicking the corresponding buttons in the ITop Screen Recorder interface.
  1. Save and Edit (Optional): After the meeting is over you can save the recording to your device. If you wish to edit the recording ITop Screen Recorder also offers basic editing tools to trim annotate, or add text to your video.
  1. Share or Export: Once you’re satisfied with the recording you can share it with others or export it in your preferred format.

By following these steps you can easily record Zoom meetings using iTop Screen Recorder and preserve important discussions, presentations, or collaborations for future reference.


ITop Screen Recorder surpasses assumptions in each perspective. It’s natural, strong, and inconceivably simple to utilize. In the event that you’re needing a dependable screen recording arrangement, look no farther than iTop.

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