Top 10 Temples you need to visit In Vrindavan

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India is the land of many holy places. Every place in India has its importance. Peoples from all around the world loves to visit India for various reasons but you will amazed to know that you will find lots of foreigners in Vrindavan as compared to other cities. Yes, this is because in Vrindavan the Lord Krishna spent their whole childhood. This is the holiest place which everyone loves to visit. So if you are not living in India and want to know about Krishna in deep then you need to visit Vrindavan Dham. To visit this holy place foreigners or non-resident of India need to apply for Evisa for India first. 


So before visiting you should know about this beautiful and holy place and the famous temples of Vrindavan. 


  1. Banke Bihari Temple: One of the most important temples in Vrindavan is Banke Bihari Temple. In this temple, you will find a sacred image of Krishna which is in Black. The Idol of Banke Bihari is this temple is known by the name of Thakur ji. 


  1. Prem Mandir: The next temple you should visit in Vrindavan is Prem Mandir. Prem Mandir is a Hindu temple which is shaped by the Jagadguru Kripalu Parishat. In this temple, you will find the Idols of Radha Krishna and Sita Ram as well. 


  1. Iskcon Mandir: Iskon Mandir of Vrindavan is also known as Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir. This temple is built by the ISKCON Founder Swami Prabhupada. Their wish to build a temple is come true with this beautiful temple. People from all around the world visit this beautiful temple. And the Idol of Radha Krishna Balram at this temple will please your eyes for sure. 


  1. Radha Raman Temple Vrindavan: Radha Raman Temple is 2 kilometers away from the Vrindavan Railway Station. This temple is also dedicated to lord Krishna. 


  1. Nidhi Van Temple: As you all know in Vrindavan you will find lots of temples. This temple is in the green dense forest. This temple is also dedicated to the Banke Bihari. In this temple, you will find gorgeous idols of Radha and Krishna. 


  1. Shri Gopinath ji Temple: This is one of the oldest temples of Vrindavan Dham. You will find the deities of Radha and Krishna at this temple. Not only Radha Krishna you will find beautiful idols of Ananga Manjari, Vishakha, and Lalitha. 


  1. Madan Mohan Temple: To visit these beautiful temples you can easily apply for Evisa for India but for any other visa like a tourist visa, emergency visa to India, Student visa etc.. you need to fulfill lots of formalities first. The Madan Mohan Temple is built at the 50ft Hill called the Aditya tile. From this temple, you can easily view the whole Vrindavan City. 
  2. Shri Ranganatha Temple: This is also the oldest and famous temple of Vrindavan Dham. This temple is also located in the Vrindavan like others. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu and Mata Laxmi.  


  1. Katyayani Peeth: This shakti peeth is one of the among 51 Shaktipeeth. This Shakti Peeth is in Vrindavan by the name of Uma Shakti Peeth. One should visit this beautiful temple once in a lifetime to celebrate Navratri and Vijaydahmi. 


  1. Shahji Temple:  This temple was dedicated to lord Krishna by Shah Kundan Lal in the year 1876. But in the temple, the main deity is Chhote Radha Raman. The beautiful paintings, Glass chandeliers, and marble structure are the main attractions of this temple. 

So all the above temples play very important roles in the history of Vrindavan. If you want to experience lord Krishna’s presence in these temples then you need to visit these temples once. 


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