Types Of Wooden Floors- The Best Options For Your Home

Solid, laminated, for interior or exterior, and more. There are several types of wooden floors, with different results for Indoor and outdoor uses.

Wood is one of the noblest and most durable materials and is a great alternative for flooring due to its great functionality. It can be easily combined with furniture and wall colors and provides warmth to impersonal and cold environments. 

Luckily there are a wide variety of types of wooden floors for homes and you can find the right one for your home.

Types Of Wooden Floors For Houses

To begin with, it is important to know the different aspects to take into account when choosing a wooden floor. The first thing, without a doubt, is its beauty.

Natural wood has earned its prestige from this point of view. But there is much more to attend to. It is important to know the different options and their characteristics before making a decision.

What types of wooden floors are there? In the first instance, wooden floors are divided into two large groups:

  • Solid wood.
  • Laminated wood.

Solid Wood Floors

They are also called natural wood, because boards or slats are used whose composition is 100% wood. What distinguishes them is their long useful life, since their thickness allows successive polishing over time. We can classify this type of floor according to some characteristics. If you want to install wood floors and looking for a specialist then you have to visit the expert team at Siena Wood Floors.

Wood Laminate Floor

It is also known as a floating floor because it is not glued, screwed, or nailed; It should only be glued on its tongue-and-groove edges and supported on a polyethylene blanket. They are easy to install. You just have to assemble the planks.

Interior Wood Flooring

Within the solid wood segment, there are several options to consider.

Firstly, the different types of wood, vary in terms of color, grain, finish, and resistance to define what is suitable for each environment.

  • Elliot is Pine: it is ideal for outdoors, thanks to the application of products that make it resistant to humidity, fungi, and insects.
  • Tea Pine: it is a classic of old houses, light in color with darker veins, and very resistant. It is widely used as it is one of the most suitable options for prolonged use.
  • Eucalyptus: very light yellowish in color and acceptable hardness, sunlight alters it very little. In Argentina, it is a widely chosen option because it is a local wood.
  • Oak: light in color, slightly pink, and highly resistant, it usually darkens slightly in sunlight. There are different options: American, Slovenian, and Amazonian.
  • Viraró: light reddish brown, it tolerates wear thanks to its high degree of hardness. It is ideal for high traffic. Darkens in sunlight. It is used on decks and outdoors because it resists the elements well.

Planked Wood Floors

They provide a modern design to the environments and also present different placement styles. They can be placed in the English style in fixed lengths or the American style in varied lengths. Its straight lines accentuate and lengthen the perspective. The finish is completely smooth, without screws at the ends.

Planked Wooden Floors

The installation is similar to that of planking, but the wood is fixed to the ground with dowels at the ends, lighter or darker in color than the floor. The quality of these apartments is unmatched and gives prestige to any environment.

Generally, wooden dowels are used to cover the screw holes and this is precisely what gives this style of installation its name.

Parquet Floor

Parquet is the most traditional and classic of designs. It can be enhanced with some placement details such as guards, fillets, studs, and different combinations. It can be placed with asphalt pitch or special glues for parquet, depending on the technical characteristics of the place.

Floating Floors

Laminate flooring is made of pressed wood fibers: it can be MDF or HDF, which is a high-density compacted wood. This difference means that there is laminate flooring for residential traffic and intense traffic. It is made up of four layers:

  • Overlay: it is the superior one and is made up of special resins that create a laminate, providing durability and resistance to abrasion.
  • Laminate or melamine: this is what gives it the finish. The first is a wood veneer and the second is a high-resolution imitation.
  • Substrate: it is the body of the floor and is made up of MDF or HDF with anti-humidity treatment.
  • Stabilizing sheet: it is a balance sheet that provides support and stability to the floor and works as an anti-moisture layer.

It is resistant to scratches, studs, table and chair legs, and furniture wheels. It is hygienic and easy to maintain. In addition, it can be obtained in various models that are imitations of a huge variety of woods.

Outdoor Wood Flooring

When we think about outdoor coverings, we immediately pay attention to materials that are resistant and can be exposed to the elements without problems. That they are not affected by the sun, or rain, that they are not slippery if they are wet, and, if possible, that they are thermal.

When exposed to the elements, materials are ruined and wood is no exception: that is why few consider it an option to put outside, because they want to avoid its continuous maintenance.

In any case, it is convenient to know that, well treated and protected from the beginning; it is an extremely noble material that can accompany us for a long time in an outdoor space.

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