A Comprehensive Guide to Importing Used Japanese Cars into the UK

These days, the people tending more towards buying Japanese used cars for sale in UK. Many people choose to buy their cars from Japanese car dealers or at auctions, even in the UK. They can locate the car they desire for a little percentage of the actual price of the brand-new car, after all. In addition, they guarantee you get that the your car will reach its destination undamaged and good condition is always a plus point.

Why these are important to know

Importing Japanese cars in UK car subject to rules and regulations to ensure safety of importers and buyers of these cars with requirements for safety and environmental compliance and consumer protection.

Major key regulation:

Vehicle Registration and Documentation: The driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is a company required to be registered for any imported vehicles In the UK. This agency requires the documentation of the vehicle with official paperwork and clearance documentation.

Vehicle Age and Compliance:

The UK has strict rules and regulations regarding the safety standards of the Vehicle.  All the imported vehicles have the compulsory requirement to meet the requirements, including emission and roadworthiness tests. Therefore, some Japanese vehicles are sometimes required to be modified to fulfil the UK requirements, which majorly include  conversion of speedometer from kilometers to meters.

Import duty and VAT:

Importing any vehicle requires import duties and Value Added Tax( VAT). The amount of tax depends on the age of the vehicle, emissions and vehicle’s value. It’s really important to calculate the cost of importation before taking any decision.

Type Approval and Individual Vehicle Approval(IVA):

The UK safety system has its own test called Individual Vehicle Approval(IVA) to ensure that the vehicle meets the safety and environmental standards. This test involves inspection and certification by authorized testing facilities.

Vehicle History Check:

Before importing any vehicle, different checks shall be conducted, for instance

  • its history of accidents must be checked,
  • details of old ownership,
  • If any, outstanding finance.

All these checks are done to ensure that the car has a clear purchasing and usage history, the car must not be stolen, is safe to buy, and is in good condition to drive.


Import Restriction:

The UK has different standards than Japan. Therefore, there are some prohibitions or restrictions that might be imposed on the importation of vehicles. This could be a result of certain modifications or those deemed to be unsafe for UK roads. Essential research should be done before selecting vehicles to import into the UK.

Custom Clearance:

Various documents shall be provided by the importer which includes the vehicle’s title, bill of sale and any other required document. Additionally, the importation of cars is subject to different customs duties, taxes and other fees.


Before importing any vehicle and using it on roads it’s safe to have legal insurance of the vehicle. It’s important to arrange the insurance coverage before driving the vehicle.

The Ideal Way to Purchase a Used Car in the United Kingdom

SAT Japan is becoming the most dependable dealer in the UK, providing the best secondhand cars. Their company’s integrity-filled practices are the reason for their clients’ trust. Their notion of delivering the authentic and reasonable Japanese cars makes them stand out. The entire car-selling procedure is open and compliant with all US regulations pertaining to the import of Japanese vehicles. With total piece of mind, you can purchase the car of your dreams in the UK.

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