Responsible Breeding Practises for Creating Healthy Chihuahua Pups

The joy of bringing home a new four-pawed friend is genuinely a great process. That being said, there is a lot that comes into place when you proceed to adopt a dog. For instance, say you are adopting a Chihuahua puppy in your house, then your process will not just be about selecting a dog. Rather, that is somewhat the last step of the entire adoption process. The very first step of the process will be for you to get in touch with the top chihuahua breeders UK.

Now the question is, how do you understand that if a dog breeder is great? Simply scrutinize their working process to find out if they maintain responsible breeding practices. This is important because even though there are many Mexican, German, and English dog breeders in the country, not all of them work ethically. Most breeders keep the dogs in hostile conditions, which ultimately hampers the health of the parent dog and their puppy. 


Why Are Responsible Breeding Practices Important?


Responsible dog breeding is more than just an extra star on a breeder’s work. It is something that plays a big role in the entire health condition of the dogs. The results of unethical dog breeding can be extremely dangerous and at times these can also result in threatening the lives of the dog. Do you know there are so many dogs who have suffered from health conditions like heart defects, epilepsy, skin problems, and other things due to the unethical practices of some English dog breeders?


These situations are truly irreversible, and they completely damage the health of the dog. This is a big reason why you should always make it a point to always adopt dogs from ethical dog breeders. This way, you will at least be able to guarantee the good health of the dog. Moreover, another big reason why we always suggest enthusiastic dog parents work with ethical dog breeders is because they provide after-adoption help too. These professionals who work in carrying out responsible breeding practices help out new dog parents every step of the way. 


List of Responsible Practices


When it comes to breeding Chihuahua dogs, some basic practices determine if the process is responsibly done or not. Some of these practices are:


1. Assessing the age of the Chihuahua 


The very first thing that responsible Chihuahua breeders in the UK check is the age of the dog. People who lack breeding knowledge often believe that the age of the stud dog does not matter much in breeding. This is why a good breeder always checks if a dog is capable of taking part in the process.

The best age for breeding a stud Chihuahua is between one and a half to five years. And female dogs need to be between three to five years old. These are the best years to breed them as this way there will be fewer health risks for both the parent and the puppies.


2. Figuring out the physical traits of the dog


Well, truth be told, not all dogs are capable of breeding healthy offspring. It is said that an ideal breed able Chihuahua should be well-proportioned. Moreover, they should not exceed the weight limit of 6 pounds; otherwise, breeding them can easily turn risky. It should also have perfectly erect and large ears. These things can seem very negligible, but they play a big role in creating the perfect pets.  


3. Choosing the proper mate


Well, breeding is not a one-party job, and it requires two healthy and compatible dogs to create the perfect puppies. This is why one of the most important practices in the process is to find a proper mate for the dog. Good and ethical English dog breeders always check if both the female and male dog have a good temperament, and they complement each other’s habits.


4. Taking good care of the dogs


Dogs are not like humans, so they cannot improve health on their own. This is why a responsible breeder always takes good care of the dog. From following a proper nutritious diet to grooming it properly, the list is pretty long. But these are important to keep the dog healthy. Moreover, it is also important to give them proper medications whenever they need them.


5. Taking proper care during the pregnancy 


Well, taking care of the dog does not stop at the breeding stage. Rather there is a lot that should be done after the breeding process is over. A responsible breeder always keeps a veterinarian on board. This helps to make sure that the pregnant dog is assessed properly during the pregnancy. Moreover, they also check that the puppies are born without any complications. They also make sure that the parent dog stays safe while giving birth. 

6. Fulfilling the initial requirement of the dog

Last but definitely not least, the breeder also makes sure that the new puppies are given all the things that they need in their initial steps. From checking their vitals to giving them proper food, they do everything in their hand to keep the puppies in a healthy state. Moreover, they also fill in the new owner about everything that they need to know.

Final Takeaway

Welcoming a Chihuahua puppy is a great process. So, you should only get the dogs from those Chihuahua breeders in UK who follow responsible practices. Plus, you should also give a good read to this so that you know everything that you need.



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