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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Real Estate Advisor

Choosing a real estate advisor can be complicated but if you want to achieve the best results in the SALE AND RENT of your property you must select the one who has the best tools to do their job well experience ethics and most of all be a good seller.

We present 9 reasons why you should hire a real estate advisor:

Education and Experience

You do not need to know everything about buying or selling properties if you hire a Real Estate advisor you will have the support of a professional with training in the area of real estate and extensive experience in the subject guaranteeing an effective negotiation.

Professional Negotiator

You will have many advantages by hiring a professional negotiator who is not emotionally involved with the property, which has the necessary tools to balance the sale and rental of your property and receive the fair market price.

Time Savings

If you are one of the people who is very busy with your daily activities and does not have time to dedicate yourself to selling or renting your property your real estate agent will spend all the time necessary until the business is done; in such a way that you will not be affected in your time.

Market Knowledge

Thanks to its permanent presence in the market, the real estate advisor has key information with which he can advise you on the best price for your property and can establish the best strategies for the sale or rental of it.This specialized guidance is essential for effective real estate investor marketing ensuring your assets are positioned advantageously in the competitive market.

Client and Property Base

A real estate advisor has a wide catalog of properties in different areas and a client base pre-qualified to buy; so it will guide buyers to choose the properties that best suit their needs.

Network of Professional Contacts

A Real Estate Advisor can access the inventories of other brokers and expose your property more widely or get the property you are looking for.

Shoemaker to his Shoes

If you sell or rent your property directly it is like self-prescribing and in the same way that many times nothing happens when taking the medicine that we thought was good, the opposite could happen or bring side effects. The best thing is that… shoemaker to his shoes!

Mediation and Negotiation Skills

Mediation and negotiation skills are a key factor for success in a property sale or lease. You could say that at some point a buyer and seller are rivals by nature; On the one hand the buyer wants the lowest price for the property while the seller will bet on the highest price; That is when the presence of the real estate advisor is essential who will mediate and negotiate in an effective way to achieve the closing of the business.

Complete Professional Advice

A good real estate agent provides you with advice on financing market aspects and other procedures of the buying selling and leasing process… Freeing you from stress, helping you from the beginning to the end of the process of selling your property and guaranteeing that you satisfy the interests of both parties.

At Oasis Home Buyers you have a team of highly qualified professionals to provide you with the best advice in managing the purchase sale and rental of real estate. We guide our clients in a personalized way throughout the entire process to guarantee profitable sales wise investments and together find the property that best suits their desires and needs.

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