Transform Your Outdoor Space: Stylish Rug Ideas for NZ Patios

The outdoor spaces of your home are perfect for helping you relax and rewind. This explains why people spend so much money on developing the ideal ambiance and making them comfortable. Adding stylish rugs to your patio space can make it more beautiful and cozy for you and your family. In this article, we will discover the benefits of using outdoor rugs NZ, introduce you to the factors you must consider when choosing beautiful rugs for your outdoor spaces, and discuss the best stylish rugs you can buy for your home. Read on! 

Uses of Outdoor Rugs for You 

There are many reasons why people prefer to use outdoor rugs. Firstly, they add a sense of freshness and style to your outdoor spaces. Secondly, they serve as an excellent comfortable element in your patio where you can sit with your family and enjoy reading, chatting, or eating. You will also be able to keep the surfaces of your outdoors safe by simply adding the best outdoor rugs NZ. Moreover, if you are someone who likes to spend much time outdoors after sunset, you will want something to keep you warm and safe. That is why you need a high-quality and stunning rug. 

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Rugs NZ for Your Home?

If you have started searching for the best rugs for your home, you must keep the following pointers in mind, especially when buying outdoor rugs: 


  1. Quality: Make sure to buy a high-quality and durable rug. Since you and your family will be spending endless moments on your patio, you should want a rug that stands the test of time with you and witnesses your journey for years to come. 
  2. Maintenance: Since you are planning to place the rug outdoors, the chances of it getting coated with dust and dirt are high. Hence, it is important for you to ensure that you are buying outdoor rugs NZ that are easy to maintain. If you are someone with a busy schedule, you must consider purchasing a machine washable rug. 
  3. Consider the Material: You must also conduct thorough research about which rug material will be best to be used outdoors. This way, you will save yourself from a lot of hassle of care and maintenance. 
  4. Trend: You must also watch out for the ongoing trends on different platforms when it comes to rugs. You have to ensure that you are choosing a rug that is beautiful and pleasing to the eyes.
  5. Drying: Ensure that you are choosing a rug that dries out quickly. Prolonged exposure to dampness can cause mildew to grow on your rugs, thereby spoiling them. 
  6. Traffic: Always consider what kind of traffic your rug is built for: low, medium, or heavy. If you have kids and pets and a big family, you will have to buy outdoor rugs NZ for high foot traffic. 

When you consider the factors we have stated above, you will be able to choose the best rugs for your outdoor spaces. 

Some of the Most Excellent Outdoor Rug Recommendations for Your Patios

Now that you know why you must buy outdoor rugs NZ, here are some excellent picks for you and their features: 

  • Mitsy Multi-Colour Picnic Rug

Sizes Available: 2 (180cm x 120cm and 230cm x 160cm)

Color: Orange, Peach, Pink, and Red

Material: PET 

Shape: Rectangular 

Top Features: Pet Friendly, Stain Resistant, and Eco Friendly

  • Orla Ivory Cream Striped Indoor Outdoor Oval Rug

Sizes Available: 1 (280cm x 190cm)

Color: Cream and White

Material: Polyester

Shape: Oval

Top Features: Easy Care, High Traffic, and Kid Friendly

  • Teyona Charcoal and Ivory Tribal Flatweave Indoor Outdoor Rug

Sizes Available: 4 (220cm x 150cm, 280cm x 190cm, 320cm x 230cm, and 400cm x 300cm)

Color: Black, Charcoal, and White

Material: Polypropylene

Shape: Rectangle

Top Features: Versatile, Indoor/Outdoor, and Pet Friendly

  • Fern Green and Orange Multi-Colour Abstract Tribal Indoor Outdoor Rug

Sizes Available: 4 (180cm x 120cm, 230cm x 160cm, 280cm x 190cm, and 330cm x 240cm)

Color: Blue, Green, Orange, and Red

Material: PET 

Shape: Rectangular

Top Features: Stain Resistant, Recycled Materials, Easy to Maintain

  • Remi Ivory Multi-Colour Abstract Tribal Indoor Outdoor Rug 

Sizes Available: 1 (330cm x 240cm)

Color: Blue, Cream, Red, and Yellow

Material: PET 

Shape: Rectangular

Top Features: Eco Friendly, Pet Friendly, Kid Friendly

  • Sitaah Brown and Ivory Tribal Flatweave Indoor Outdoor Rug

Sizes Available: 4 (220cm x 150cm, 320cm x 230cm, 280cm x 190cm, and 400cm x 300cm)

Color: Beige, Brown, White, and Ivory

Material: Polypropylene

Shape: Rectangular

Top Features: Indoor/Outdoor, Statement Piece, Easy Maintenance



That was all about transforming your outdoor spaces with the best outdoor rugs NZ. With the ideas and tips we have mentioned in this article, you will definitely be able to set a style statement. So, why wait? Buy the best rugs and start planning your patio design today. If you want to buy high-quality rugs online, you must choose one among the gorgeous options available at Miss Amara. 

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