5 Key Trends in Web Design That Bradford Businesses Can’t Ignore in 2024

Building a website that works well and serves your brand’s purpose takes work in the present decade. It demands knowledge, expertise, a better understanding of web design trends, and staying updated. When it comes to web design, it is about small details that make a big impact. Let’s understand web design trends 2024 that Bradford’s business must recognise.

Green web design approach

Green web design has been trending in WordPress web design. Web design agency in Bradford uses this to create websites that look into the website’s energy efficiency and environmental footprint. This also contributes to improved user experience.

For example, the fast-loading pages need less energy to load and display.

  • This also improves increased conversions and user satisfaction. Reducing page load time reduces energy consumption. The techniques involve optimising images and videos and reducing server requests.
  • Form a minimalistic design with easy navigation to reduce power consumption and site time. Light themes and colour consume less power.
  • Sites that use minimal data can reduce the energy utilised by servers and user devices. You need to get the best website hosting in Bradford.

Dark Mode

In this, dark background text and images are used to create designs that look stunning and easy on the eyes.

  • Dark mode creates a less cluttered and better user experience
  • It is also a great way to provide high contrast to visually impaired people
  • A more clear and refined appearance
  • The pixels in dark mode are likely meant to emit less light. This will help

Integration of AI 

The concept of AI has boomed like never before. It has been a game-changer across industries. Agencies and companies specialising in Web design in Bradford are leveraging this concept. People are massively using it to generate content. But here comes the twist. AI should be used judiciously. It should be used in features like chat support, voice assistant, and similar features that give instant results to the user. These additional features can make the customer journey easy. AI can also help add personalised suggestions, recommendations, and suggestions based on the user’s behaviour and past purchase.

Mobile friendly website

“A website without visitors is like a ship lost on the horizon”.

Mobile users account for about 50% of the website traffic. Today, having a mobile-friendly website is not confined to just a choice but has become a necessity. A website that is not mobile-friendly will lose out on potential customers drastically. Google also has a mobile-first initiative, which means if your website is not mobile-friendly, it won’t show in the search engine result pages, lessening the chances of organic traffic. web designer in Bradford understands the importance of responsive and mobile-first websites and creates websites that work equally well on phones, tablets, and computers.

Animation and illustrations

Animations combine art and functionality. Engaging videos and images enhance the website’s engagement rate.

  • Visual storytelling
  • They can add personality to your brand’s website
  • It can be through abstract geometric patterns, playful cartoons or futuristic sci-fi landscapes
  • Add a unique and personal touch

A web design company in Bradford uses illustrations and animated videos to better position itself and give visitors a strong idea of what their business offers. Good animations and illustrations will help portray your website more effectively and improve the aesthetics of your video. Motion pictures tend to grab attention much sooner. Animated characters and videos will improve the visuals of your website.


Website design is an intricate topic requiring as much knowledge as practicality. 2024’s design will primarily focus on the visual aspect and overall versatility. People are more drawn to websites that look visually appealing. The website should be easy for visitors to navigate and fulfil their search intent. It also implies staying updated on emerging trends without compromising your brand’s uniqueness, engaging with the audience to the maximum extent possible, and incorporating new technologies. The best web design agency in Bradford looks after every crumb of detail and makes the website as smooth as possible. Telsa Media stays trendy in its web design, which cannot go unnoticed. Contact the experts today to get the best web design for your website.

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