Nadra Solution Center: Online Documentation Resource for Overseas Pakistanis

Your life-easy solution has come from the Nadra Solution Center. 

Nadra Solution Center is an innovative online platform simply designed for overseas Pakistanis to obtain their official documents like NICOPs, POCs, FRCs, and MRPs with just a simple click. The entire process will be done online, including applying for the desired card and receiving delivery at the doorstep. 

How Can the Nadra Solution Center Be a Helping Hand for Overseas Pakistanis? 

Several difficulties come along with residing overseas. It is one of the foremost tasks of managing official documents. Getting and renewing necessary documents like NICOP, POC, FRC, and MRP is a difficult process. So, the Nadra Solution Center has made these tasks simpler. It is an essential resource for Pakistanis living overseas. With the help of the Nadra Solution Center, the applicant can apply for and receive their official documents without visiting the embassy. 

  • It is a convenient platform that helps overseas Pakistanis save time and effort. Skip long lines and get everything done online in your comfort zone. 
  • It is an acceptable and trustworthy platform. It ensures that all documents are sent to the applicant’s given address safely, on time, and in good condition. 
  • It provides a clear processing system. The applicant can check their application status online through the provided tracking number. 
  • It has an easy, secure, and online payment method. Select the category process as per your desire. There are three categories: slow, urgent, and fast. The service charges are fair and less expensive.
  • It is a fully supportive platform for the applicants. Their customer support team helps 24/7, whether you need assistance with the application process, understanding the required documents, or resolving errors in documents. 
  • It makes it easy to get important documents for travel, managing assets, and other private and business needs in Pakistan.

Services offered by Nadra Solution Center:

  • NICOP card
  • POC 
  • FRC
  • MRP

Basic Steps for Application:

Step 1: First, sign up for an account on the Nadra Solution Center website. 

Step 2: Fill out the provided form on the website with accurate information. Make sure the form you’re filling out meets your requirements. 

Step 3: The applicant uploads the scanned documents to the website. 

Step 4: Fees will be securely processed online. There are three processing categories: slow, urgent, and fast. Before submitting, check which processing fee you have to pay. 

Step 5: Verification: This verifies the entire process. 

Step 6: When the card is processed, it will be sent to the applicant’s provided address upon approval. The applicant can simply monitor their progress to stay updated. 

There is no doubt that the Nadra Solution Center is an essential and effective resource for overseas Pakistanis. It manages the entire work smartly. It offers secure, supportive, and simple platform access. Visit the Nadra Solution Center website and get additional information.


Q1: How can I contact the Nadra Solution Center to fix problems? 

Users can contact Nadra Solution Center through email, the chat box, and the Nadra Whatsapp community. 

Q2: How does the applicant receive the documents? 

The documents are delivered to the mentioned address in the form through the courier service at the doorstep. 

Q3: How much time does it take to complete each application?

NICOP takes 4-6 weeks, approx.

FRC takes 2-4 weeks, approx.

POC takes 4-6 weeks, approx.

MRP takes 4-6 weeks, approx. 

Q4: What documents are necessary at the time of the process?

* Recent photographs

* Proof of Pakistani citizenship (Nadra card)

* Scanned copy of the applicant’s passport

* Utility bills as evidence of residing abroad.

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